Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Sports Memorabilia

Memorabilia by definition is any object collected or kept because of a person’s interest. Memorabilia can take the form of a simple autograph from a famous personality or celebrity to shirts, caps or hats; even sports paraphernalia such as bats, balls or even gloves. Pictures, autographed or not are can also be considered as a memorabilia.

Sports memorabilia refers to anything that is collected in connection with sports, sports events, sports personalities and the like. Fans of a particular sport or team or event or personality collect these objects.

Collectors of sports memorabilia would readily pay thousands of dollars just to acquire a certain object. Auctions for sports memorabilia are often packed with sports enthusiasts willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money just to get hold of their favorite sports souvenir.

One of the most sought after sports memorabilia is the sports jersey. NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL have started selling game jerseys in the 80s and these have become collector’s items. Most of these jerseys are sold during auctions. There are times when even players themselves would throw their game shirt to the waiting crowd – it will then become a memorabilia.

Caps, mugs, tumblers are also some of the most famous and often bought sports memorabilia. They often bear the team’s name and logo. These also cost less than jersey and can easily be bought.

Another sports memorabilia that weighs a lot to adoring fans is the game ball – football, baseball and tennis among others. Sometimes famous players are asked to sign or autograph game balls and it will in turn be sold out in auctions or stores. You can just imagine how much they cost! But for an avid fan, money is never a problem.

Baseball cards are also one of the most collected sports memorabilia. Trading centers can be found almost in every neighborhood.

Sports memorabilia is not limited to specific sports teams. Sports events have their own share in the sports memorabilia industry. Sports events celebrated worldwide have their own following. And because of this, different companies selling sports wear or other sports related items have started producing items bearing the sports event’s name like the FIFA World cup.

Of course, not everyone can afford to buy sports memorabilia from auctions or even store outlets. That’s why online stores selling sports memorabilia have gained popularity. Most of them sell previously owned memorabilia at a much lower price. They often sell even shoes that were worn by famous athletes as well as baseball bats.