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5 Warmup Do’s and Don’ts from Katie Mackey

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Katie Mackey is a member of the Brooks Beasts Track Club. Her most recent accomplishment was placing second at the 2019 USATF Indoor Championships 3000m.

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DON’T consider skipping your warm-up.

says, “As you move during warm-up exercises, a little bit of fluid gets in
between your joints, helping lubricate and protect them. If you just get off
the couch and start sprinting, your body isn’t prepared and you’re more likely
to hurt yourself, but by gradually warming up, you reduce your chances of

DO consider skipping during your warm-up.

After your
opening exercises you should feel loose and ready for a bit more dynamic
activity. Skipping is a step above walking and stretching and a step below
running – a versatile, dynamic warm-up activity.

gives two reminders regarding skipping drills:

  1. “Make
    sure you land with your whole foot on the ground and that you’re not just
    coming down on your toes. You want to feel the rolling through the foot motion,
    which is important because it affects how everything moves all the way up.”
  2. “Make
    sure your arms are relaxed and that you’re tall through the torso.”

DON’T ignore your body.

says, “Mentally go through a checklist and take note if you feel any weird
pinching or if there’s a particular motion that causes an unusual reaction. If
you do feel anything unusual that’s a good indication that maybe you should
take a minute to stop and do a few specific stretches targeted at that muscle
area until it feels normal. Your body will give you a lot of useful clues for
preventing injury and staying healthy, if you’re listening.”

DO work out with a friend.

doing stretches one at a time with your workout partner so they can watch your
form and give feedback.

says, “They’ll be able to spot stuff that looks wonky that you may not pick up
on. There’re times my technique is getting a bit sloppy and my teammate will
walk by and point something out to improve. You don’t get those benefits
training by yourself.”

DON’T forget why you run.

says, “I always feel better after a run. We live in a culture where there’s
distraction at your fingertips, so to get out there and totally shut off all
distraction is just relaxing. I never return from a run and regret it.”

For more about the Brooks Beasts and why they run, check out the Run Like A Beast video series.

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